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The first Turkish Bone Marrow Transplantation Congress was organized by TBMTF,
In 1998 the first transplanted patients celebration meeting was organized.
So far many young investigators have received travel grants for congresses and workshops
Financial support for research activities in BMT has been given
The BMT Unit in Ankara University has been renovated by TBMTF in 1995 and 2000.

Plans for future activities:

  • Patients book of stem cell transplantation:
    is already prepared but artistic supervision and cost of publication is not covered yet.
  • Monthly transplantation courses to be given to patients who are candidates of transplantation
  • Annual meeting of transplanted patients:
    The first was a success. However due to economical reasons it could not be repeated.
  • Establishment of a research grant in the field of stem cell transplantation:
    During the first Congress a research award was given. Next year a research award will be anounced.

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